Volunteers step up to rebuild girl’s home

LONDONDERRY – Volunteers banded together to ensure Bella Tucker’s home was fully handicapped accessible when she returned home Sunday.

Bella was a healthy 8-year old girl, active in gymnastics and cheerleading, when she started feeling sick on Easter 2010. That night, she woke up with a raging fever and was taken by med-flight to Boston Children’s Hospital with Streptococcus pneumonia sepsis, and she fell into a coma.

She survived, but doctors had to amputate her arms and legs because of an infection.

Tony Nigro, of Londonderry, who works for Suffolk Construction, organized volunteers over the last four months, with support from his employer and co-workers, and worked to rebuild Bella’s home to make it accessible for her and to build a 2,500-square-foot addition for Bella, her mother, stepfather and four siblings.

The total project was worth $400,000, which was raised through donations.

Suffolk provided workers, equipment and materials, and reached out to many of its subcontractors, who provided items at deep discounts. In some cases, Suffolk Construction and Berry Construction, a division of Suffolk specializing in health care building, picked up the remaining cost.

Otis Elevator provided a $30,000 elevator for $15,000, and the Berry Fund – Berry Construction’s charitable fund – paid $15,000.


Courtesy: Telegraph Neighbors

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