Bella Tucker Visits South School Garden Londonderry NH

South School Teachers and Staff Receive Surprise


Last week, on September 1, 2010, Bella Tucker gave everyone a little surprise of her own. After school let out, she paid her teachers and administrators at South School a visit. She was shown her fourth grade classroom and the Sunflower House in the Apprentice Gardeners’ area.

According to Linda Boyd, Principal of South Elementary School, “She looked wonderful, sporting a new haircut. She was in great spirits.” During the visit, Bella’s mom shared news that Bella was off almost all of her medications and that outings are a part of the rehabilitation therapy.


Bella still works hard, now at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Boston. She has an hour of speech, Physical and Occupational therapy every day. She does get a break on the weekends. “She will be making frequent trips home, which is great news,” said Boyd.


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