Local Girls Raise over $2000 for Bella Tucker

01 Sep, 2010 | Author: Ed |

Courtesty Londonderry-news.com


Londonderry, NH - Londonderry 4th grader, Adrianna Belanger and four of her friends raised over $2,000 to benefit Bella Tucker. “We all wanted to help out, so we came up with an idea, and soon our plan was in action.” said Adrianna.

In addition to the rewarding experience of helping another in need, Adrianna also enjoyed organizing the event and making the crafts they sold at the benefit. ”I also got a chance to spend a lot of time with my friends as we were planning the bake sale and the whole experience made our friendship stronger. My favorite thing we made for the bake sale was the M&M Chocolate Chip cookies that I made with my father and it took us 8 hours to make all of them!” said Adrianna.


“Shaunda and I could not be any more proud of our daughter. This is truly remarkable for five young girls.” said Jim Belanger.


Adrianna, daughter of Jim and Shaunda Belanger, is a Londonderry resident who enjoys karate at House of the Samurai, reading, and writing. She especially enjoys the grappling aspects of karate which are similar to ju jitsu and Brazilian jiu jitsu. “I know that the core values taught at the dojo played a large roll in my daughters success for this event.” said Jim.

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