Bella Tucker arriving home in Londonderry, NH

Thank you Londonderry

The extent of support for Bella and her family within the town (and of course beyond) has been simply amazing.  When we started with the idea of doing some much needed renovations to Bella’s home last July....little did we know where that idea would lead.  To think that we could even attempt to thank everyone in this brief letter is absolutely impossible.  We did try to keep an actual list and if you (please) go to and look on the remodel page, you will see the scrolling list there.

Work being done on the outside of Bella Tuckers house.

Update for October 11, 2010

We are really into the homestretch now!  Here is the progress from this past 2 weeks: 

-Big news!  Bella is "home"!  Well not home-home but she is now at the hotel with the rest of her family.  This really reinforces that we need to finish up strong this month.  We still need some extra hands in finish carpentry, paint, gutters, and landscape! 

Contruction being done on inside of Bella Tuckers house.

Update for September 27, 2010

Not much has changed from the outside, but we have been busy inside!  Here is the progress from this past 3 weeks:

-Big news!  Jet Blue really stepped up and has put Selena, Pete, and the kids up in a hotel for the final 6 weeks to allow us to really get busy on the renovation!  This was a huge step in helping us focus on the construction and get the family back into the house for November.  (THANK YOU JET BLUE AND DEB HUBBEll!)

Crane lifting material into place at Bella Tuckers house.

50 / 50 Winner Gives Back to Bella

Today at the Elliot at Rivers Edge project in Manchester NH, the Suffolk/Eckman JV team held an owner appreciation lunch for the workers and Elliot staff.  Combined with this Labor Day weekend lunch the project held a fundraiser on behalf of Bella Tucker and raised $1,030.00 via a 50/50 raffle.  


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053