Community rallys around 8-year-old recovering from severe infection

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An eight-year-old girl's life has been turned upside down this year. She was rushed to the hospital around Easter, and she just finally got out Sunday.

A rare disease claimed all her limbs. But she's kept her optimism. And her New Hampshire neighborhood has come together to make home a little less challenging.

It was the emotional return home for Bella Tucker nearly seven months in the making. Tucker was once an athletic 8-year-old, but after a battle with a rare infection, she lost all of her limbs.

Night and day the family watched over her as she recovered in the hospital, and the community used that time to totally transform the family's home. Tony Nigro with Suffolk Construction says, "This is the room where she'll be spending the majority of her time."

It is help from people like Nigro, whose construction company helped give Bella a home that makes her recovery smooth. Nigro says, "HEPA filter, U-V filters, humidifier, state of the art everything in this space." and allows for her to move around freely. Nigro adds, "The elevator takes her from the garage down below to this main level, exits on both sides and it goes directly up to her master suite."

There is nearly $400,000 of work, not costing the family a cent. All thanks to generous donations, both in time and equipment from members of the community.

Peter Roarty, Bella's stepfather says, "These guys have done nothing but pour their hearts into this project, and from the looks of it, it's just a wonderful, they did an absolutely wonderful job. Bella's going to be so thrilled and happy to see it."

And she'll be thrilled to see her top-secret bedroom, kept hidden from the entire family during construction. Nigro says, "All she actually knows is that we actually gave her a little design box while she was in children's hospital to select colors and materials, and give us some ideas what she was looking for."

And with that, designers gave her something brand new, with a taste of the familiar. It's all modeled to give her the tools of the hospital, while at the comfort of her own home. Nigro adds, "There's not a spot where she can't go in this house, and that was one of our main goals."

A little girl trying to live a life as normal as possible, and the community is seeing to it she does. Roarty says, "It was pretty good. It was pretty good."

(Source: CNN)


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