Bella Tucker: A True Inspiration

Bella Tucker's Amazing Story of Determination and Courage
Published May 24, 2010 by:

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On Easter Sunday, 8-year-old Bella Tucker did not know that she would soon begin a battle for survival against a deadly infection. Bella, less than 24 hours later, was rushed to the hospital with a serious infection called Streptococcus Pneumoniae. During this almost month long ordeal, Bella would prove to be one of the strongest girls that I have ever heard about.

I received a letter earlier today from USA-Gymnastics regarding Bella's situation. Being a gymnast for my whole life, this story particularly touched my heart. Bella was a gymnast at Phantom Gymnastics in New Hampshire and really excelled at the Floor Exercise. The walls of Bella's room were decorated with various gymnastics posters and blue ribbon awards that she had earned at competitions.

Soon after being rushed to the hospital at around 5:30am the morning after Easter Sunday, Bella was transferred by helicopter to Boston Children's after doctors realized just how serious her condition was. Once Bella arrived at Boston's Children's she was diagnosed with a rare form of Pneumonia that stopped the flow of oxygen to her limbs. Although this disease only had about a 10% survival rate, Bella defied all odds and pulled through the ordeal. Unfortunately when Bella awoke from a medical induced coma, the disease had caused extensive tissue damage to her arms and legs. Bella would soon have to undergo surgeries to remove all four limbs. The courageous 8 year old will soon face a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation as she learns to cope without her limbs. However, Bella's spirit and determination will undoubtedly get her through this trying time. Bella's name means "beautiful" and that is truly what this little girl is.

The financial costs for this ordeal are great and Bella's family is accepting donations on her behalf sent to Phantom Gymnastics. Checks can be made out to "Bella Tucker Fund" 26 Lantern Lane, Lndonderry NH 0303. Also, Paypal donations can be made through or Any money made from views to this article will also go towards Bella's donations. Bella has truly proven, that even at her young age, she has more courage and determination than most adults. And even though this disease has taken a lot from Bella and her family, it has not put a damper on her spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Bella

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