Turn for the worse brings out best in N.H. community

There is tragedy. Then, sometimes at least, there is triumph.

Just three weeks after undergoing massive surgeries to remove her right arm to her elbow, her left arm to her bicep and both legs, 8-year-old Bella Tucker has learned to text message with her nose, to clap with her elbows and to hold her bingo marker in her mouth.

“What we tell her is that she will be able to do anything,” said mom Selena Roarty outside Boston’s Children’s Hospital on Friday. “Ride her bike, go back on the trampoline, go back to her gymnastics team. They’re waiting for her. . . . She wants to come home.”

Girl’s harrowing journey defies deadly odds

By Marie Szaniszlo  - Boston Herald

Sunday, May 9, 2010


That Easter, five weeks ago, began like any other for Bella Tucker: with an egg hunt alongside her cousins.

The 8-year-old Londonderry, N.H., girl had been looking forward to it all week. But as the day wore on, she developed a fever and chills, and went to bed early with what her parents thought was the flu. 


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