Bella Tucker Coming Home

A Home from the Heart

The Bella Tucker story began with a tragedy. In late April 2010, after suffering from a rare infection that inflicted severe tissue damage to her limbs, the 8-year-old gymnast and cheerleader had to undergo a quadruple amputation. But while Bella recovered at Children’s Hospital Boston, an ever-growing community of residents from her hometown of Londonderry, NH, banded together to build a massive addition to her family’s house to ease her transition home.

Gymnast Compete at Bella Tucker Charity Meet

Gymnasts compete in charity meet for quadruple amputee

BIDDEFORD, Maine -- Young gymnasts from Maine and New Hampshire are rallying around one of their own.

Dudziak's School of Gymnastics held a charity meet Sunday. Gymnasts from Portsmouth to Fairfield raised money to benefit nine year-old Bella Tucker. The young gymnast from Londonderry, New Hampshire underwent a quadruple amputation after as the result of an illness. The gymnasts competing in Sunday's meet each gathered donations on a pledge-per-point basis. Coach Daniel Parks says the fundraiser was a great experience for these young athletes.

Michael Lazdauskas leads a group of ghost hunters through the Harley House on Saturday. (T&G Staff Photos/MARK C. IDE)

Ghostly pursuit has spirit of charity

Harleys have lived at 909 Massachusetts Ave. since Henry Augustus Harley built the family home in 1898.

And paranormal investigators think some of the early Harleys may still be there from time to time. The evidence: audio recordings and sightings of spirits roaming the rambling building.

Bella Tucker, 9, of New Hampshire, lost her arms and legs after getting a near-fatal infection last year.

Survivor inspires Valley Stream kids

Students in Richard Mansfield’s fifth-grade class at Clear Stream Avenue School have never met 9-year-old Bella Tucker, a girl from New Hampshire who lost both of her legs and arms to an infection last year. Yet they are doing what they can to make her life a little better.

Mansfield, who grew up in Lynbrook with Bella’s stepfather, Peter Roarty, and his students have organized a bake sale at the school this Friday to raise money for Bella’s many expenses. She needs extensive physical therapy and will also require new prosthetic limbs every year as she gets bigger.


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053